Shelley Doxey MRCVS is a veterinary surgeon who offers a specialist referral service in acupuncture, laser therapy and western herbal medicine. Shelley has undertaken post graduate training to enable her to work alongside conventional veterinarians to offer a full holistic medical service for your pet. Shelley is based near Andover in Hampshire.


Acupuncture has been practised by Eastern cultures for thousands of years and involves the placement of needles into locations on the body in order to treat a wide range of disorders. Acupuncture has been used successfully in the treatment of many types of animals for a wide range of conditions.

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Laser Therapy

Low lever laser therapy has been proven to be beneficial for increasing wound healing, pain relief and enhancing the immune system. It can also be used as an alternative medium in acupuncture treatment. Laser therapy stimulates the body's healing process through controlled application of specific wavelengths of light which have particular physiological effects.

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Western Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine in veterinary medicine refers to the treatment of the patient as a whole animal, rather than treating the disease or the symptoms alone. This means looking at all aspects of the animal's life including their diet, lifestyle and emotional wellbeing and investigating the underlying causes of the presenting problem. Our knowledge of herbs is based on thousands of years of traditional use, combined with new research and discoveries.

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"In 2013 we adopted a rescued Siberian Husky that had suffered extreme neglect and abuse. Shelley was his guardian angel from his first day with us. As his body condition improved we discovered that he had serious underlying medical conditions including elbow and hip dysplasia - MRI and x-ray scans confirming the severity. Shelley's regular acupuncture and laser treatments eased his pain and allowed him to lead a delightful happy life, running in our pack of Siberian Huskies. Spike loved Shelley's visits for his acupuncture sessions and then laser treatment to aid recovery from TPLO surgery following a cruciate ligament rupture. Shelley was the only vet that Spike ever trusted and the relationship between them was testament to the benefits of her holistic approach. A few years later and now our eldest Husky Kez owes his life to Shelley. Kez broke his back and suffered from paralysis. The emergency vet offered no hope for his recovery, but Shelley quickly stepped in and within hours Kez had a life saving operation. He's now enjoying long walks with his Husky pack and even some short runs, enabled by Shelley's continued therapy treatments and rehabilitation plan."

Ian Berry-Bowers

"My Red Setter, Iona was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease after several months of ill health where she rapidly deteriorated from a dog who could run across fields for miles to barely able to walk for ten minutes. Having turned down conventional therapy I began my quest for a vet who could treat her using a gentler and more traditional approach. Shelley gave me an appointment immediately and drew up a treatment plan of raw diet, acupuncture, and specific herbal tinctures that she makes herself. We are now five months into treatment and Iona is well, strong and back to her old lively self. Shelley is not just a vet. She takes time to get to know both the pet and owner and treats holistically in a homely environment which reduces the stress for the animal. Her fees are affordable and she is clearly committed and passionate about her work. It is also refreshing to have found someone whom I can discuss my concerns over vaccinations, medications and tick treatment and get really sound and honest advice. Shelley treats my best friend in the same way as she would her own pets and I consider myself very fortunate to have found such a lovely caring practitioner."

Pat Walsh

"We had our first visit from Shelley on 30th September 2014 and it's safe to say that we've never looked back! Shelley is extremely experienced, knowledgeable and approachable - she brings a calm and understandable perspective to caring for animals. I trust her completely; she is clearly an animal lover, and animals really love her too. Shelley and our regular vet work closely together to give us fully integrated care for our dogs. Our first consultation came about because Muttley (Labrador, then aged 10, previously very well) had injured his back. His pain was under control, so it was time to try to reduce his medications. Having had personal (positive) experience of pain relief from acupuncture, I asked our vet if we could try it for Muttley. We were referred to Shelley, who works closely with our vets, and we quickly arranged an appointment. The treatments, including laser and infra-red therapies, were very successful and he was soon off the pain medication. We continued with a maintenance programme which kept him mobile, and dealt with the inevitable niggles arising from his older age. He was always VERY pleased to welcome Shelley into his home (even on his grumpy old man days) and I'm sure that her treatments over the years not only improved the quality but also quantity of his life. Our other Labrador is quite prone to minor injuries - he over commits to all his games (despite now being 10). Shelley is always able to tend to his sore shoulder, paw or toe whilst dispensing her characteristic calming care."

Helen Burnett