VacciCheck Antibody Titre Test

The vaccicheck antibody titre test offers a reliable measurement of antibody titre to canine infectious hepatitis, parvovirus and distemper. This allows vaccination programmes to be modified on an individual basis.

What does it involve

The test is relatively straightforward and requires a small blood sample from your dog. Initially it is recommended to be undertaken no sooner than 18 weeks of age, or 2 weeks after the completion of the initial vaccine course. Following this it can then be used on a yearly basis or as often as you are boostering your dog’s vaccines.

At the moment antibody titres to Leptospirosis is not offered, this is because there are too many strains of the Leptospirosis bacteria to allow a single test to be able to pick up all of them.


  • To indicate if immunisation was successful
  • To determine if/when a booster vaccine is needed
  • To test an unknown vaccine status
  • To minimise the risk of adverse effects of vaccinations
  • To reduce the risk of over or under vaccination


The validity of the vaccicheck antibody titre test can be seen in published journal articles on their website.

Up to date official guide to vaccinations can be found in the World Small Animal Veterinary Association website.

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