Here’s some of the things my customers say about working with me and how it’s helped their pets

"My Golden Retriever Rudy has had multiple orthopaedic problems since a very young age. Like most caring guardians, my key aim has been to keep her as mobile, happy and pain free as possible, for as long as possible. Rudy first met Shelley in 2015, and since then through a combination of acupuncture and laser, Rudy has continued to move freely and remain drug free. Rudy is always really pleased to see Shelley, and shows complete trust in her during the sessions. Shelley is very gentle, calm and kind, and her dedication to animals is obvious. I have every confidence in Shelley. Her significant experience as a vet means she brings the best of current medical knowledge and training to her work, while she continues to research and offer different holistic ways to treat animals. I have no doubt that without Shelley’s support, Rudy’s quality of life would have been poorer over the past few years, and that with her help, Rudy will continue to enjoy many more muddy walks!"

Sherree Stanley Conway

"My Red Setter, Iona was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease after several months of ill health where she rapidly deteriorated from a dog who could run across fields for miles to barely able to walk for ten minutes. Having turned down conventional therapy I began my quest for a vet who could treat her using a gentler and more traditional approach. Shelley gave me an appointment immediately and drew up a treatment plan of raw diet, acupuncture, and specific herbal tinctures that she makes herself. We are now five months into treatment and Iona is well, strong and back to her old lively self. Shelley is not just a vet. She takes time to get to know both the pet and owner and treats holistically in a homely environment which reduces the stress for the animal. Her fees are affordable and she is clearly committed and passionate about her work. It is also refreshing to have found someone whom I can discuss my concerns over vaccinations, medications and tick treatment and get really sound and honest advice. Shelley treats my best friend in the same way as she would her own pets and I consider myself very fortunate to have found such a lovely caring practitioner."

Pat Walsh

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